Wednesday, November 19, 2014

my celebrity dance partner.

There's a 90 year old man that dances in the park each week. 
I've heard stories about him, seen his photo, but mostly -- seen his unparalleled dance moves in endless streams of youtube videos (so good that I posted one of the videos below).

This weekend, when I passed by the park in Coyoacán with some friends, we stopped to join the crowds of people taking photos and videos with their cell phones and cameras. In the middle of couples spinning across the brick pavement to Cuban danzón, the viejito was shaking and grooving to the rhythms, supported by a cane in each hand. Before I could snap off even one picture, he tossed his canes to Bruno, grabbed my hands, and pulled me into the pack of dancers. 

For seven minutes, I tried my best to match his dance moves. But like Renée said. . . once he started grunting and fist pumping, it was all over. No way could I keep up with him. In the end, all I could do was bow and thank him for the opportunity to dance with somebody so out of my league. 

Here's to hoping that 90 years looks this great on all of us. 

P.S. thank you Renée for capturing these moments!


  1. This. Is. So. Amazing. I love everything about it. So much joy and so much fun. I wanna meet this guy when I come to visit ;)