Saturday, November 29, 2014

tie-dye day.

"Do you have plans this morning?".  
She asked so sweetly (and not to mention, had waited so patiently over the past weeks for the help I promised). And today was a warm and sunshiny Saturday morning -- perfect for our rooftop tie-dye project.   

Clean white t-shirts were rubber-banded according to carefully chosen designs. Hot water and dye packets were swirled together into clear bottles for each of the five neon colors. Extra plastic gloves and smocks were packed into a bucket and we marched it all to the roof in our matching flip-flops. 

In the end, we barely stained our hands and the dye didn't stain the red rooftop like I was so afraid it would. Our shirts are still bound up in rubber bands and plastic baggies for another few hours, so I guess you'll have to wait with us. . .

The big reveal and photos of head-to-toe tie-dye to come! 


  1. Gotta see this photo.... and when you say head to toe tie-dye -- did you do leggings, too? Because THAT I want to see :)