Sunday, July 20, 2014

nevado de toluca.

My friends, what a week it has been. You know the kind where you never really finish your to-do list? The kind that exhausts you, yet keeps you up at night? The kind where you spend so much time running around, but never really feel very productive when it's all over (like on Thursday, when I went to six different paper shops to get some things stapled)?

By Friday, I was worn out and the stress on my face told a story to anyone who looked my way. That night, my boss said, 
"You know you're not working tomorrow, right..?". 

Well, can't argue with that. 

So, I woke up early Saturday morning, packed a bag (with neither enough water nor sunscreen, trust me), and squeezed into a car headed out of the city limits. With the first clear view of the volcano ahead of us, we jumped out the doors, kneeled in the gravel road, and snapped off a stream of photos like it was our only chance. But you know how it is: it really only gets better as you keep going. 

And that's exactly what we did. We kept on. Once on foot, walking turned to hiking, and hiking turned to climbing. All the while, our lungs burned as we sucked in thin, cold air from the mounting elevation, our muscles screamed in protest, and our faces took a beating from the biting wind and blazing sun.  

And finally, finally we reached the volcano's summit. And there, at 15,534 feet, we napped. 


  1. Beautiful, beautiful photos. Man, I wish Juan and I could've made it. Let's plan on doing this again in a few months?!

    Looks like you're really, really, really getting the hang of that new camera ;)

    1. thanks, julie!! it was the first official day of breaking her in ;)
      and yes! we are going to try and plan to do something once a month. our next adventure is probably going to be a weekend trip to guanajuato. one of our friends knows a guy that can hook us up with a hiking/climbing/camping tour for super cheap. you and juan are most definitely included. we're thinking the end of august…keep your eye out for an fb message!