Wednesday, July 23, 2014

los chicos.

We had just wrapped up our painting project at Casa Daya and watched through the window as the rain and hail splashed the glass and bounced across the pavement in front of us. Across the yard, a stream of twenty-some little ones came pouring out of another house and into a van. 

The problem was, as soon as 1 kid stepped into the side door of the van, 2 more popped out of the rear door. I followed my teammate, Barry, as he rushed onto the scene and started herding the wanderers and runners. As I grabbed the little man attached to my leg, I realized he was one of the same ones we kept returning to the van. 

It pierced my heart just a bit when he asked if I was coming back tomorrow. 

Then Barry said…"You know…they are all adoptable…". 

Oh, so tempting. Yes, please just reroute this entire van to my apartment...


  1. ahh what cuties!!! i love the little man throwing up the peace sign, haha

    1. isn't he the best?? my (real) thoughts after meeting him…"this is exactly what bruno & renée's mexican kid is going to be like".
      just got that feeling ;)