Tuesday, July 15, 2014

july 15th.

 This morning, as I laid in bed listening to the marching band go by on the street below, the sun rose and quickly lent its light through my window almost as steadily as the stream of ants marching in. There I realized: it's July 15th. 

Exactly one year from today is the official end date of my term here in Mexico City. And on a milestone of a day like today, it only seemed fitting that it be the day I go to the immigration office to renew my residency for the next year (well…legally, 3 more years…just in case).  

You know that stress of taking photos for important documents or ID's that you'll have for years to come? Oh, yes. Today was one of those days. The man behind the camera asked if I wanted to step into the bathroom and check my hair first. Then I tried not to be offended when after declining, he suggested I do so anyways and slick back my hair a little tighter with some of the sink water. Oh, dear. No smiling, no jewelry, and not a fly-away hair to be seen, the flash went off. A couple minutes later, he handed me a tiny envelope and I peeked in at the tiny portraits. Oh, no. It's going to be one of those ID's. 

Sometimes one more year seems like an eternity. And other days, I realize how brief it really is. Sometimes I wonder what plans I'll have when the next July 15th rolls around. Stay? Go? 

But the truth is, I can only think of one day at a time. We are instructed to pray, "Give us this day our daily bread..". So, each morning, when the sun rises and the ants find their way into my bedroom once again, I thank God for new mercies and pray for strength in the next 24 hours. 

Because tomorrow will worry about itself. And because that's all I need for today. 

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  1. Hello! I love your blog. I found it while reading Naomi Smith's blog and I can't get enough of either of them because 1) you both write so beautifully 2) I love reading blogs that honor Jesus!! and 3) I took a mission trip to Mexico last summer and left my heart there. I'm very interested in hearing about how you got interested in serving in Mexico City and how the opportunity came about. I would love to email you about your experience in Mexico!