Monday, July 7, 2014

the party.

We had a party this weekend. Oh, it was supposed to be a big rooftop celebration where I debuted my new fire pit, but I should have known…rainy season. Before everyone arrived, I marched up the last few flights of steps to the roof and looked at the angry clouds stretched across the skies. Face heavenward, the first drops splashed on my nose and brushed against my cheeks. 

Back-up plan: indoor party. The burgers were mediocre and the cake barely survived the plummet of a solid pound of butter from the top shelf of the fridge, but it didn't matter. Beauty was filling the room and joy spilling out of the windows. As I looked around at the faces of our friends crowded on the couch and the chairs squeezed around, I couldn't help but smile and forget all about that fire pit (…for tonight). 

image graciously lent to me by Renée

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