Tuesday, July 29, 2014

the tea house.

I found the place; my place. 

A cozy tea house just a couple blocks away. They have a shimmery, gold menu with 54 types of tea, tall shelves filled with mismatched teapots and cups, treats displayed across the counter, and a few inviting seats resting atop worn, wood floors. 

It's the place that I took a girl friend yesterday for a long chat on the comfy, pillow-laden couch on the back wall. 

It's the place Selma and I went today in our fancy dresses. We huddled around the low table under the window where the afternoon light pours in, and between bites of our gooey brownie, worked on our latest coloring project. 

It's the place I'll go tomorrow to power through a couple hours of computer work another cup of that lavender tea that I can't stop thinking about. 


  1. We are delighted with your description and pics; specially the ones with that beautiful redhead princess! All we can say is that Casa Tassel was established thinking about our living room and our happy places around.
    Thank you for your appreciation and we truly say "make yourself at home"

    1. thank you, thank you! we can't wait to join you again soon :)
      ¡nos vemos!