Monday, June 12, 2017

la despedida.

It was one of those days that will be the source of a lot of "remember when's?". 
...partly because there was simply too much joy saturating each moment, that it was impossible to soak it all in right then and there. 

...partly because it was a hallmark for our community. We reflected on where we've been - the beauty and the pain that we've walked through together. We listened to 6 testimonies that reminded us of the gracious God that unites us and celebrated 6 baptisms that reminded us of a praise-worthy God that saves us. 

...and partly because it marked change coming. We said goodbyes. Tears were shed - happy ones and sad ones. Our treasured friends, the Smiths (or better known here as the family of 4 redheads) are leaving for a time. They've given their everything and that's probably what makes it so hard - because we've been the recipients of the ceaseless blessing of their love. 

My heart fights change - especially this one. But it's with joy we say goodbye and send you off (even if we have tears in our eyes). 

Joshua, Naomi, Malachai, Josu, Selma, & are so loved. 


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  1. It is SO beautiful to watch your community grow! ~Christina Dekker