Thursday, July 16, 2015

The lake.

Our time at the lake was a reminder of what makes me miss humid, midwest summer weekends with the ones I love the most. . .

Like how Grammie thoughtfully and carefully plans out each detail of our family get togethers months in advance, 
working so hard to please everyone and create something special for us. 
I remembered how gracious and generous she is. 

Like how John laughs so easily and draws other people into his joy. 
And how Taylor couldn't be more perfect for him and that I so treasure finally having a sister. 
I remembered how much their presence lights up a room (especially when they're together). 

Like how Dad reaches over to grab Mom's hand when they walk. 
How my uncles tease me incessantly. 
How my little cousin grows a foot between each time I see her. 
I remembered how meaningful the little things are. 

No, these things aren't unique to summer days. 
But there's something about boat rides, sunset walks, and big meals together that breathes extra life into those moments. 
They are beautiful (and sometimes painful) reminders of what I've missed over the past years. 
But that just makes them all the more precious when they come. 

Thanks for the memories, guys. You're the best part of them. 

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