Thursday, July 9, 2015


There's just something about a city. 

They're exhausting. Their movement is constant and their pace impossible to maintain. Some days, I find that I'd just like to step away from it. 
To rest, to relish in the quiet, to reflect in moments spent alone. 

Yet somehow, cities are energizing. They are filled with life (and beautiful lives -- my favorite part). They hum with chatter and laughter, buzz with people excitedly rushing place to place, and all the while chanting the sounds of the street (which may or may not include men calling out from their tamale carts). 

And now that I've been away from the city, I find myself looking for reasons to step back into it. 
So when asked if I'd go to Denver, I knew I needed to.  

...because there's just something about a city. 

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