Friday, June 5, 2015

people matter.

It's hard to believe it's already been over a month since returning to the states. A lot of people have asked me if my head is spinning from culture shock and transition. 
Well, my head is spinning, yes. But not from culture shock. 
Maybe that's because I've jumped so quickly into support raising and developing ministry partners that I haven't had the time to stop, think, and fully process it all.  
Or maybe the back and forth just doesn't rattle me the same way it has times before. 

The truth is that no matter where I go, I feel a little torn. There are always people, places, and things to miss (oh, but mostly people). But even in the tension of never feeling quite settled and never feeling quite at home, I can be perfectly content, in perfect peace, and have perfect joy. 

I'm learning that wherever I am, there are people to love. It's not something you can take a break from -- and it's a part of my life I always want to be turned "on". So as I jump from place to place over the next months, I'm thankful for the opportunities to pursue people, to care for old relationships, and dive into new ones.

(pictured: Maddie -- a friend so easy to love)

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