Sunday, June 21, 2015

father's day & family fish fries

I saw a lot of posts today about "the best dad in the world". They weren't talking about my dad (but I'll keep holding to the fact that they probably should be). 

As I kept scrolling through my news feed, I realized something. Our world is filled with fathers who love, but love imperfectly. And one day, we can know perfect love and the perfect Father. But until then, there's something so personal and beautiful about how God sees fit for us to be put with each of our earthly fathers. So it make sense that so many people are all claiming the title of "best dad" for their own -- God knows a good thing. 

Today, I'm thankful that it pleased Him to have me born into the hands of my dad 23 years ago. A dad who likes long talks on the front porch rocker, who let's me drive his truck when we run errands together, and who fries all the fish he catches for our family. 

Happy Father's day, Dad. I sure do love you. 

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