Friday, December 19, 2014

¡feliz navidad!

We're talking a lot about traditions this season: the ones we've had and the ones we miss, but mostly, 
the ones we're making. 

There have been twinges of pain in the change -- of course. There have been moments of loss and loneliness -- some of which still surprise me. Overall, though, there has been joy. 

Joy because of nights like last night. We squeezed into Casa Tassel, filling every corner and empty space of the tea salon with people lifting their voices to join a sweet chorus of hymns and carols. Crowding outside the window and door were others clapping along and doing the same. 

Sitting there, with my friends and community surrounding me, I silently hoped this would be one of those new traditions. 
You would too if you were there! Take a look. . .

 Whomever you are with, wherever you are, and whatever your traditions, 
would you choose joy with me this Christmas as we celebrate our Savior King? 

 ¡Feliz Navidad! from Mexico City!

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