Monday, October 27, 2014

homemade pizzas & community.

Last week, we made pizzas (well, Naomi did...and they were oh-SO-good) and we invited our friends and neighbors to crowd into our apartment and make maps of Colonia Roma. It was simple, yet profound. While we studied our neighborhood together, we were offered a view into each others' unique perspectives, insights, and experiences in our shared city. Conversation bubbled as the night pressed on, and by the time I had my third or fourth (or fifth...) slice of pizza in hand, I realized that something else was happening. Community. 

I'm still not sure that I fully understand what community even is, but I recognize it when I see glimpses of it. Sometimes it happens over homemade maps and pizza. Other times it happens late on Tuesday nights when we study the book of Romans in Marilyn's home and ask each other hard questions. Most recently, I see it happening when we chat and share chocolates with the girls at the tea shop down the street. 

I want to commit to learning what community is and how to foster it. I want my eyes to be open to the opportunities to meet, engage, and love new people in the normal rhythms of life. And I want my neighborhood to see that Jesus is the One that drives my desire for community and He is the reason that hope and joy spills from it 
-- because He created us for it. 


What does community look like for you? (Seriously, I wanna know!)

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