Thursday, September 4, 2014

holiday prep.

Independence Day is coming. Can you tell? 

This afternoon, I stopped at one of the carts popping up all over the city to buy a pair of Mexican flag earrings. Beyond just attempting festivity for the 15th, I was hoping the sweet lady tending the cart would allow me to snap a picture of her. Photographing people can be such a tricky thing, you know? 

I let her talk me into buying a few extra "cositas" before asking for a photo. Unplanned purchases included a mini Mexican flag, complete with a suction cup, and some patriotic tattoos. 

It was early enough in the afternoon that I managed to find a place to sit on the bus ride home. After living in Mexico City for a year and some change, this is something I've really  come to appreciate. So, with this small victory, I dumped the contents of the worn, plastic baggy into my lap and reviewed my newly acquired holiday paraphernalia. I'll tell you this: I've learned enough street spanish to know some of the bad words. And my tattoos have them. But nothing a little creative trimming and splicing can't do to make them G-rated and ready for the big day, right?  

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