Wednesday, July 2, 2014

the waters.

The rain met me as soon as I stepped out of the supermarket, and were it not for three bags of soon-to-be-soaked charcoal that I was awkwardly balancing on my hip, I would have lingered a while before ducking under a nearby awning. Because nothing beats the feeling of a cool afternoon rain after a warm, muggy day. . .the way it soaks through my hair, my clothes, and seems to seep past my skin and refresh my soul.  

When my heart is faint and my soul is weary, I long for rain. When I am thirsty and in need of refreshment, I long for the waters: deep, profound waters that wash over and reach to the deepest, and satisfy the driest and most desperate parts of me. 

Today is like that. 
And so, I am thankful that God's Word is like water and His presence like a spring rain. 

Come everyone who thirsts, come to the waters. -Isaiah 55:1

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