Saturday, June 28, 2014

with hope.

It takes only the briefest of moments to forever alter life and the trajectory of those impacted by it. 

I was reminded of this today as I watched a man on a motorcycle meet with an SUV in the intersection, leaving him to lie motionless on the hot asphalt after a dramatic landing. I felt it as the passengers from the other vehicle took slow, unsure steps out of their doors and then immediately fall to their knees in disbelief. I saw it on the sidewalks nearby as mothers worked to remove the memory from their children's minds by covering their eyes and pulling them closer.  I heard it as the sirens slowly drowned out the sounds of the cries of onlookers and of those yelling into their phones as they relayed details to local dispatchers. 

They play over and over in my head. 
And I understand why it's so easy to live in fear and helplessness, were it not for hope

Hope that it will not always be this way. Hope that I will not always live in a place where pain, death and goodbyes also make their home.

Hope that God will restore this world, bring peace in the midst of striving, and allow beauty to rise up out of the ashes. Hope that He makes all things new.

Hope that I will be with Him one day and my only concern will be to praise my King. Hope that He has a perfect place prepared for me.

So especially today, my heart yearns for what's to come. With hope

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