Wednesday, June 18, 2014

your girl.

Well, John, can you believe it? In less than 48 hours, you marry your girl. 

When we were growing up, I used to feel so lucky that I was the only girl in your life. You were the kind of big brother that made me feel safe. And treasured. 
So I guess I know a tiny part of how she feels now. 

I've not been around for every step of your relationship. And believe me, I've had many sorrowful days wishing that I had. But in these past few days alone, I've seen enough. And I feel fairly certain that anyone who has seen you and her together knows what I mean. 
It's unmistakeable…the way you look at your girl. 

On Friday afternoon, when those church doors open and everyone steals their first glance of the bride, I'll be watching you. 
Looking at your girl. 

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