Tuesday, June 3, 2014

the appointment.

Today was significant. 

I had been memorizing medical spanish terminology and prepping myself to both explain and understand everything that might come up in the doctor's office.  After a week and a half of lingering pain in my knee, I decided it was time to get it checked out. 

Not long ago, a friend shared an article with me about living cross-culturally. It mentioned that the simple task of going to buy bananas can add so much extra stress and exhaustion to your day. I laughed because the truth of it so clearly resonated with me. 
And with this in mind, I set out to my appointment, knowing that it could potentially be more stressful than shopping for produce. 

In the end, 
I was thankful…

…I hardly had to wait long at all. 

…my doctor was so kind. 
She smiled a lot, spoke to me in slow, clear spanish and explained everything in a way that I could understand. 

…I was able to successfully fill out paperwork, pick up prescriptions at the pharmacy and schedule appointments with another medical office. 
All without a hitch. 

…I learned the source of my pain: a partially torn ACL and damaged meniscus. Not necessarily good news, but nonetheless, I found myself in a state of thankfulness and relief to have answers and a plan to go forward with. 

Even more than thankfulness, I walked home filled with a sense of joy. Joy because I accomplished something more than banana shopping and I'm still living to tell the tale. And joy because something like going to a Mexican doctor meant that today, this city became a little bit more of my home. So, as I walked back through my neighborhood, I stopped at a stand laden with soccer jerseys and World Cup paraphernalia and made a celebratory purchase. 

Now, with the green, white and red on my back, I'm headed out the door for tonight's fútbol game. 
¡Viva México!


  1. I'm just crying picturing the Lord's faithfulness in the little (but big) things! Love you, lady