Tuesday, December 10, 2013

mis padres.

It was a good week. 
I had my very first visitors fly from Chicago and revel in the beauty of my city, which I proudly showed off. 

Early each morning, they snagged my keys and snuck out while I was still sound asleep to grab their morning pick-me-up at the Starbucks down the street. 
Their orders weren't always perfectly translated and they didn't always receive exactly what they thought they were communicating to the barista, but hey, I'm still quite impressed. 

We witnessed the beginnings of Christmas come together in the Zocalo while we enjoyed our brunch on the top floor of Mexico City's Gran Hotel. 
There was the big Coca-Cola Christmas tree. 
And the even bigger ice rink under construction (note to self: check that out later). 

 The few days we had together flew by far too quickly, but the fleeting moments were filled with sweet conversation, non-stop laughter, long walks,  lots of chocolate and flan, and the blessing of togetherness. 

Nos vemos pronto. 

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