Tuesday, November 19, 2013


1. Let one of the many vendors sweet talk you into buying a hat when you walk through the gates. 
Then be glad you did. 

2. Remember to shut your mouth. It's probably hanging open. 

3. Climb everything. It's too inviting to pass up.

 4. Enjoy the views from the top of each pyramid and realize it was worth all of the huffing and puffing on the way up. 
And then some. 

5. Try as hard as possible to avoid buying anything. Later, give in. 
It really is essential that you bargain for jewelry and a jaguar whistle. 

6. Revel in history. 

 8. Be a tourist. Soak in everything, whether it's your own country or someone else's. 

 7. Scratch your name into a cactus. Or just appreciate the fact that your name is probably already there. 

9. Fall asleep on the way home and almost miss your stop. 

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