Friday, October 11, 2013

the final stand.

We had a glorious, sunshiney day to visit Chapultepec Park this week. 
Upon your first steps in, look to the left and see Chapultepec Castle proudly hailing Mexico's green, white, and red. Look to the right and see "El Ángel de la Independencia" standing tall beyond the park gates. 

The main entrance proudly displays "Niños Héroes", a mural depicting an infamous moment from the Mexican-American War. 
Six young cadets refused to fall back in retreat when after two hours of fighting, the U.S. forces greatly outnumbered the Mexicans on Chapultepec Hill. According to legend, the cadets stood fixed, fighting until they breathed their last. The final breath was taken by Juan Escutia when he wrapped himself in the Mexican flag and leapt from the castle, willingly giving his life, but never his country's colors. 

With each round of "The Marine Corps Hymn", U.S. Marines pay tribute to the Battle of Chapultepec with the first line: From the Halls of Montezuma...
Mexico was not alone in suffering tremendous loss in the storm of Chapultepec Castle. We are reminded of the loss and honor fallen officers with the "blood stripe" that stands the length of officers' trousers in the USMC dress uniform.  

Blood stripe on the trouser's of officers and drill instructors from Travis' bootcamp graduation in January of 2013. 

Standing on Chapultepec Hill, I couldn't help but enter into the pride of Mexico's rich history. 
I couldn't help but be thankful for the service of my dad and little brother in the United States Marine Corps and what their and countless others' sacrifice means for the freedoms of the U.S. today. 
And I couldn't help but be fascinated and excited that this piece of history drew both of my worlds just a little closer together. 


  1. Love your USMC perspective! and love when worlds collide. Great pictures!