Monday, October 7, 2013

passerby in the park.

Every morning on my way to the metro, I walk through a park, passing other courageous souls braving the early morning.  There's never a lack of activity and enthusiasm in the park, but it's not just people who are responsible. 

There's the 3 little pugs that meander around their owner as he diligently does his morning push ups. 

There's the St. Bernard with the most lovable face, but the largest pools of drool threatening to drop at any second. 

There's the pack of (for lack of a better term) rat dogs who seem to be in such a hurry without any particular destination. It's still to be determined who they actually belong to. 

And then there's my favorite. A beautiful twin to my main man, Maxx. We always seem to cross paths just as the german shepherd is standing on a park bench getting his morning brushing. I usually am in too much of a hurry to stop, but one day when I had a spare moment and my camera was at the ready, I asked the owner for a second of his time. 

I started off by telling him how handsome his dog was and watched the man's smile quickly take over his face and his chest puff out. Seconds later he released a series of commands to have the dog pose just so for the camera. 

I couldn't help but laugh that the pup never once looked square at my lens. 
That's just so like Maxx. 

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