Monday, September 16, 2013


Its Mexico's Independence Day today, although all the big happenings were yesterday. The city's Zocalo (downtown historical center) started the weekend off with angry protesters refusing to go down without a fight and more than a few airborne Molotov Cocktails. The good news? The police cleared things up and the party went on. Phew. 

Pazole. Tamales. Chile en Nogada. 
Need I mention that the food is kind of a big HUGE part of the festivities? Even the food saluted to Mexico with it's patriotic colors. Corn tortillas hailed bold red, white, and green stripes. The first slice into tamales revealed the same colors bleeding through in a blend of crimson chiles, creamy white Oaxaca cheese, and leafy green herbs. And of course, the Independence Day favorites: Chile en Nogada and Pazole. 

 Music&dance. It left me smiling from ear to ear, madly clapping and cheering, and not so subtly aware that I have some work to do to keep up with talent I witnessed (massive understatement). 

You might say there was a bit of party hopping. Trading one prime event for another, I went with the Smith family to a Mexican friend's home for the full cultural experience. They placed a massive bowl of Pazole in front of me, which I inhaled just as quickly as the second. We crammed around the table, chatting and laughing for hours, of course, not without entertainment from some of the best looking kids in Mexico. 

 The main event on the 15th of September is in the Zocalo, but there is only so many parties one can be apart of, so we rushed up to our rooftop and got to enjoy the celebration from a distance. But if you only look there, you'll miss the fireworks firing off in every other direction of the city. 


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