Monday, September 9, 2013

simple pleasures.

I'm always surprised by the things I find for sale on the street, in little shops, and on the metro. But for some time now, I've had my eye out for coconut water. It's just not as easy to find as you might think. And since I'm kind of a big fan, this hasn't been easy. 

The most pleasant of surprises came last week as I was winding my way through crowded streets from UNAM to the metro. A bicycle cart filled with coconuts and a guy with a machete opening them up on the spot. Obviously, I stopped. 

A quick minute later, and 15 pesos lighter, I was double fisting small plastic bags. In my left hand, fresh coconut water with a straw. In my right, soft coconut meat that was expertly carved out after pouring the water into the first bag. 

I was in heaven. 

My eyes remain peeled for my new friend every time I make the trek back home, but I haven't seen him or any other vendors like him since.  

I'm faithfully trying new things, too. And the current favorite is tuna: the top, tender part of a cactus. 

There are usually still some stickers in the skin that are all too anxious to make their way into your skin. And they have sizable, solid seeds that you need to gently chew around. 

But its oh-so-worth-it. 

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