Monday, August 19, 2013

a rooftop view.

In the midwest, we do front porch living. And we do it right.  But since arriving in Mexico City, I've been spending my time on a lot of rooftops across the city. There's something about the shift in perspective that captivates my heart and steals my breath away. 

In any given direction, the buzzing streets, buildings of every style and color, and throngs of people appear to be unending. I've only scratched the surface of witnessing a mix of devastation and suffering, of hope and beauty, and of diversity and enormity that I can't seem to wrap my mind around. 

 It amazes me that when my eyes see an endless city and try to process a number like 22 million people, I remember that I serve a God who knows each one of those people in vivid detail and loves each with even more intentionality. 

I'm overwhelmed. I'm burdened. When I stand on the roof, any roof,  thousands of feet above sea level, my heart yearns even more deeply for this city to know the hope of the gospel. To know the redeeming love of Jesus Christ. The glorious mystery.

So I pray. 

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  1. So happy that you made it and blogging too! So happy to see your love for God on these pages. Praying that these people see the love in your heart for Him and see Christ amazing.