Friday, January 18, 2013

the grand export.

As part of my training and preparation for ministry in Mexico City, I had the tremendous opportunity to be apart of Intervarsity’s Urbana mission conference in St. Louis, Missouri following Christmas.  Thousands of college students from around the world joined together for 5 days to study Scripture, worship together, and hear the Lord’s heart on missions. I was overwhelmed (in a good way!) and challenged by everything I heard.

  “If it’s not good enough for local consumption, it’s not good enough for export.”-Ram Sridharan

So when did this become about the business of exporting? It’s always been about exporting! Bringing the gospel to the nations. This thought resonated with me because it comes back to one of the main themes that has surfaced through the entire support raising process: The ministry happening right now is just as important as the ministry waiting in Mexico City.

 I’m praising the Lord for the many opportunities He has placed before me to be bold for Him right where He has me. It’s not just a period of waiting, it’s a period of preparation. And before the gospel message is exported to the heart of Mexico City, God is using me to bring it to those who can consume it locally. After all, if it can’t be done here, traveling 2,000 miles won’t make any difference.

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