Sunday, January 21, 2018

meet you at the beach.

After last night's goodbye party, I've been reflecting with an achy heart on farewells. Usually they aren't forever, but sometimes not knowing when the goodbye ends makes it feel just the same. It seems I've lived that feeling of breaking away so many times since that first time I said goodbye to my family and friends and got on a plane to Mexico. 
I never thought I would stay long enough to be the one on the other side of goodbyes, but that has turned out to be a steady constant during my life in this city. 
And I'm learning that sometimes it hurts a bit more to watch others leave as you stay behind. 

Actually, this is an achy heart that has been building over the past couple weeks alongside the stacks of boxes that get filled around the house. 
This achy heart has been reminding me to cherish moments like last night's barbecue on our friends' little rooftop patio as the sun set over the skyline. 
This achy heart is proof of how precious the friends I've been surrounded with are. 

Watching seasons come to a close is hard. 
But this was a beautiful one and to say I'm thankful is to greatly understate how much I've absolutely delighted in the time spent with Andrea and the sisterhood that's grown between us...sharing a home, sharing big breakfasts and cinnamon rolls, and sharing and living the ups and downs of every day together. 

Andrea - thank you for giving me a home, coffee every morning in the Tinkerbell mug, and for being a sister to me. 
I love our story and couldn't have written it out more perfectly if I tried. 
Meet you at the beach. 

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