Friday, November 17, 2017

¡bienvenido max!

When people use phrases like "sharing life" to describe community or relationship, I feel like it falls so short. 
What I've seen and experienced has been people living each others' hurts & heartaches as deeply as their joys & celebrations. 

Today was one that was filled joy. The kind where all of a sudden you realize how much your cheeks hurt because your smile has been stretched so far across your face for so long. The kind where laughter comes easy and often. 
The girls gathered together at Casa Tassel and celebrated our sweet friend, Azucena, and lived the joy of her pregnancy, the anticipation of baby Max's arrival, and the excitement that comes from planning and dreaming.  

But just a couple weeks ago, Azu and her husband were forced to evacuate their apartment because the earthquake rocked the building's foundation and left it structurally unsound and unpredictable. The tone of that day was much different. Heavier, more somber, and touched by hurts and fears that kept making their way to the surface. 
Some of the guys from church rallied together and made as many trips up and down the seven flights of stairs that they could. 
Azu wasn't allowed back in the building because of her pregnancy, but she stood on the street just outside with one hand on her belly and the other hand reaching out to take the hand of neighbors, to hear their stories, and to pray for them. 

I'm thankful for both events and to have been able to live them with my friend and to learn from her example of cherishing people 
and finding joy and delight no matter her circumstances. 

But I'm especially thankful that today was a day to celebrate. 

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