Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Valle de Bravo

Saturday night, we stood on a patio overlooking a lake outside of Mexico City. The sun had set, revealing a sky peppered with stars (that's kind of a big deal for city people like us). It might have been a bit too cold were it not for the coals burning beside me and the group of us huddled around them with wire hangers repurposed for marshmallow roasting sticks. 
As I looked around, I soaked in the beautiful chaos as kids ran around and laughter pierced through the hum of happy chatter. 

This summer, the Brown family joined our team. They're awesome
And a couple weeks ago, we made an airport run to welcome the Richardson family onto our team. Also awesome. 
In just a couple months we've grown by 8! 

Over the weekend, we took the time to get out of the city. Together. To pursue one another, encourage one another, and really...just get to know each other better. 
We had times of worship, times of studying God's Word, times of discussion, and time to just be. 

It was good. So, so good. I'm thankful for the weekend we had, but mostly for the people that were apart of it. 

Love you guys! 

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