Monday, December 14, 2015


Yesterday was a reminder of how much is to be celebrated in our church. . .

It's been almost one year since we decided to take our first steps towards officially launching the church plant in our neighborhood. We've grown, we've suffered and mourned through hurts and burdens together, and we've had too many rooftop parties than I can keep track of. 

In the spring, we left the city together for a church retreat. On our last afternoon, we sang worship songs poolside and eagerly listened to our friends share their testimonies and be baptized. Yesterday, we had our second baptisms. But instead of leaving the city, we walked from church to a community garden and gathered around a small fish pond (that is currently fishless and freezing). The father and daughter pair stood side-by-side and in turn, shared the transformation of the gospel in their lives, publicly confessed Christ as their Lord, and were baptized. And on that sunny December afternoon, it seemed fitting to worship together with Christmas carols -- whose words reminded us of the One who entered into our world to save us. 

From the garden, we walked to a nearby park with food in hand, ready for a picnic. Next to us, the soccer team was practicing with some of the guys from church (but immediately noticed when Naomi's famous chocolate cake made an appearance). They joined us as we sang happy birthday to Erick, shared sandwiches, broke a piƱata, and passed cake around. 

God is faithful. In ways we can see and those we cannot. But yesterday was a glimpse of what we can see. 

So we celebrated.