Monday, September 22, 2014


Hey birthday girl. Have I told you lately…

…that I love being neighbors in this city.

…that I love baking with you on girls day. And sometimes, I love going to the bakery with the mint colored boxes even more because it means we don't have any dishes. 

…that I love sharing pots of lavender tea with you; the kind that looks like it sparkles when the sun hits it. 

…that I love when you paint your nails red. 

…that I love when you have people over to your rooftop apartment (especially when it involves Bruno leading a round of Las Mañanitas).

…that I just really love…you
¡Feliz, feliz cumpleaños, Renèe!


  1. I love you so very much. Thank you so much for this. The photos are beautiful!!!! Ahh...I miss you. Hope you are having a wonderful time with your family.