Saturday, April 26, 2014

the restaurant.

There's a charming street that runs the length of my neighborhood. A wide, shady, brick paved pathway makes its way through the center of it, welcoming people to come and admire the elaborate fountains and endless art displays that it gives home to. 

Several weeks ago, I found myself there, walking to meet up with several Mexican girlfriends for dinner at one of the numerous restaurants that line the walkways. I lingered just outside the patio, breathing in the cool night's air, and enjoying the liveliness around me. As I waited, my eye was drawn to a neighboring restaurant, and it was but a moment before my camera was clicking away to capture the scene in front of me. 

Not a second later and a tall man in a suit with a silver name plate spotted me. I tried to quickly and discreetly tuck my camera away, but he stopped me, inviting me inside to take more photos. Matching his smile, I stepped inside, snapped a couple shots, thanked him, and turned to leave. 

But he stopped me again. "Wait, señorita! There is more!"

We wound around a corner and sure enough, there was more to see. So I snapped a couple more shots, thanked him, and turned to go. 

But he stopped me. "Wait, señorita! There is more!

We wound through to the very back of the restaurant, which ended in an open air, garden-like dining room. But every corner before it, I imagined we were at the end, so I snapped a couple shots, thanked him, and turned to go. 

But each time, he stopped me. "Wait señorita! There is more!" And there always was. 

We chatted and laughed for a bit as he peered over at my camera display to see some of the pictures. In return, I got two thumbs up and a wide, toothy grin. 

And finally. I thanked him and turned to go. 

This week, I printed a handful of the photos and returned to share them with the people so proud of their winding restaurant. My friend wasn't there this time, but as quickly as I came and began to share my story, a huddle grew around the photos, smiles flashed, and I was treated with a generous chorus of thank yous. 

And after a few moments, I thanked them and turned to go...

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