Saturday, April 5, 2014


I have no doubt that God prepares places for us here on earth, probably way before we even know where they are. At least that's the way I see it with Mexico. And part of that preparation must include the people, right? The friends and chosen family we journey with in our new beginnings.

I think that's how I met Paloma. 

She's from Iguala, Mexico; I'm from Chicago. But we met through a mutual friend in the U.S. and started writing each other before either of us had even arrived in Mexico City. When we finally met up for the first time in the middle of a bustling subway station (there were lots of hugs involved that day), something beautiful started to take shape. 

In a city of 22 million, I'm beyond grateful to God for choosing her for me, and me for her. 

To my sweet, mexican sister: you will never know how much your radiating joy, boundless love, and gracious hospitality bless me. 

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