Sunday, March 23, 2014

casa contreras.

Hey Renée. 

Remember meeting at that little ice cream shop on your old street in Mexico 7 months ago? It almost doesn't seem possible. Like it should have been longer, ya know? Because it feels more like I've always known you. Like you're more of a sister than a friend. 

 I remember feeling like I had so much to tell you. 

I never expected that I would have spent so many nights crying my deepest hurts or worries to you. Or done so many Insanity workouts, lifting sessions, and crazy races with you. Or gone on so many city adventures and explorations with you. Or laughed so much as we tried to fall asleep after a never-ending day. 

On that first day we met, I never would have expected that one day I would be standing up in your wedding. That I would be celebrating and cheering as your groom walked you back down the aisle, out of the ceremony, and into a reception radiating more joy and laughter, and with more dancing (my neck is really sore, by the way) than I have ever seen. 

My sweet, sweet friend. Mrs. Contreras. 
This one is for you. 
You have become a precious part of my journey here and I treasure our friendship more than I will ever be able to say. This weekend I am especially thankful to God for seeing fit to put us just a couple blocks away from each other in this magnificent city. 
Love you, girl. 

¡SALUD! to you and your new man. 


  1. Sam, this is the most beautiful gift you could have ever given to me. From the bottom of my heart...thank you SO much. God most certainly had a plan for us in this crazy city and i'm so grateful that we are here as such integral parts of each other's lives. You truly are a God send to me (and Bruno). Just this morning we were walking to work together for the first time and he said to me that he could not have imagined when he met you 7 months ago how much a dear friend you would be to both of us.

    Love you so so much.

    I cannot wait til the day that I get to stand with you on your special day. We have so many more adventures to go on together, girl! Preparate!!!

    1. girlfriend. I am overwhelmed. and grateful that I get to live out my mexico city days with you and bruno. WHAT A PAIR! (you know how I can't hold it back and sometimes accidentally share it in a group message?) not only are you both waaay too good looking, but both of your love for Jesus and in turn, each other, blows me away. my heart was rejoicing on your wedding day. it's hard to catch glimpses of that in our broken world, but you guys are shining bright. thank you for both your love & example. I'm taking notes!