Saturday, August 31, 2013


I miss my family. Not a huge surprise. 

But before Mexico City was a thought in my mind and long before I bought a one-way ticket here, God was preparing a place for me. And He saw fit to place me with a beautiful family that is passionate about Jesus and making Him known in Mexico. 

They welcomed me in and graciously share their city, their family, and their home. 
Whether we're spending a Saturday morning at the antiques market, running across the city on a grocery shopping adventure, taking a walk through Colonia Roma, or relishing a Mexican dish at a local restaurant, I'm simply grateful for them.  

It's been only 2 weeks and I think I'll still find myself adjusting to my new life for a while.
But at the end of each day, when I walk through the door, I'm consistently greeted with a warm and hearty "welcome home".
And I love that. 

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  1. Sam! we think you fit perfectly into the Smith family! Welcome!